Kelis Consulting - Consulting, market research
Consulting, market research
Kelis Consulting - Consulting, market research


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Welcome to Kelis Consulting


With more than 16 years of experience in dealing with challenges faced by our clients in Russia as well as Internationally our company developed practices that are established, exclusive and functional. Kelis Consulting offers the following services:


Enterprise marketing:


    development of market strategy;

    market segmentation and product positioning;

    development of pricing strategy;

    development of sales strategy.


Development of effective advertising campaign:


    development of effective distribution channels of advertising;

    development of advertising strategy;

    analysis of influence that advertising has on target customer groups;

    testing advertising messages.


Business-plans and investment planning:


    analysis of investment projects;

    preparation of business plans and commercial offers;

    search for investors;

    search for investment projects;

    project management and control.


Internet advertising:


    contextual advertising on main search engines;

    banner advertising;

    monitoring web page popularity, increasing number of clicks. Yandex